Individual Sessions


“My experience of the Clay Field has been both joyful and profound. I have been able to connect to, explore, release and integrate bodily knowing of early childhood experiences through the guidance of Maggie. Maggie holds space with warmth, professionalism and integrity. The Clay Field has provided me a gentle, effective and direct point of access for the release of trauma held in the body. The process has been liberating, deep and incredibly beautiful.” 


Liz P.


“For many years I have sought traditional, talk-based therapy to explore and heal these issues. Despite my efforts, I made little progress, and the investment in both time and money was huge. My work with Maggie has been life-changing, and I only wish I had known about this 20 years ago. I wholly recommend anyone wishing to explore this for themselves to contact Maggie and experience the Clay Field. It is a wonderful investment for yourself and the ones you love.”


Matt H. 2016


“I lOVED the clay field therapy so much that when I came out of the session I felt so alive and happy and relaxed that I had to tell everyone who I encountered!!” 


Raspal K.


 “I learnt how to listen to both my mind and my body. I learnt how to use my voice and my bodily movements as tools to greater self-knowledge, and how the body and the mind can work together to create awareness of self, resolution and growth.

The processes that Maggie presented were always optional, explained clearly, and were perfectly matched with whatever had, sometimes surprisingly, come up for me within the session – there was no rigidity in ‘sticking to a session plan’, instead, Maggie facilitated a flow between what came up for me and the appropriate process that would accompany that.

Maggie’s presence is engaging, welcoming, understanding, and down to earth. She is both passionate about and fascinated by what she does as a Therapist.

Ultimately, Maggie is just really good, and you should really go and see her!!”


Lucy A.


“Maggie introduced me to Body Maps when I was a student in 2015. Body Maps are part of my morning routine – get up, make a coffee, sit down, draw. I love them because they’re a simple way for me to be present with what’s going on for me right now – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Over the years I’ve developed my own visual language – the colours and shapes that show up in my drawings started to mean things to me. When I look back at the drawings and the one-word names I give them I sometimes see things that have shown up in my life were present in my drawings before I became conscious of them. Body maps are ongoing, flowing, truthful and grounding daily conversation with myself.”

Ellen C.

Recently I sang, by myself, in front of a live audience, using a microphone and accompanied myself on the keyboard!!


So how did I get there?


By surrendering to the creative process, being present in mind, body and spirit, extending gentleness to myself and trusting the expertise of a woman who wears her heart on her sleeve…………….and her name is Maggie Date.


How did Maggie help me you may well ask?


Well, she consistently and lovingly:

  • Offered encouragement whenever my shy vocal chords created embarrassing squeaks and squawks

  • Watched me fall and rise back up, holding a safe space in order for me to do that

  • Acknowledged the power of baby steps as my ego worried about being ready in time to perform

  • Helped me see the connection between the natural contours of my speech and singing melodies in my vocal range

  • Laughed with me (on many occasions), not at me

  • Listened to any concerns/issues I had and helped me build resilience


In a nutshell, Maggie assisted me to find my own, authentic voice.


If you would like the experience of a lifetime – to step into your power and speak/sing from your core essence, look no further.


Let Maggie assist you.


Elizabeth H.


Groups/Professional Development


“Maggie’s knowledge and skills are beyond comparable. I have been to numerous Psychologists in the past, and I gained more self-knowledge from these 8 weeks with Maggie than I have in years. She has an extraordinary understanding of the connection between mind and body, and presents it in a way that is easily comprehensible through art and movement.”


Lucy A.


“Maggie was an absolutely phenomenal facilitator. Somehow she managed to be so structured and organised with the delivery of the theory content and covering the readings, and yet took us on the amazing experiential journey. I’m still getting my head around how we actually covered so much in such a short time, and I feel that this has been the richest and beneficial module thus far. Not from the content but from the amazing Maggie.”

Helen M.

“I really enjoyed all your sessions and found you inspiring and helpful in demonstrating how to navigate all the different worlds we work with.  I hope our paths cross again.”

Cheers Marion


“Maggie, I just wanted to say a huge thank you for being so amazing – you have an incredibly safe and nurturing presence that made me feel really comfortable to learn and share.”

Tina A, 2016.

“Loved Maggie. Great sense of humour, and really enjoyed the Shamanic drumming and use of voice work/dance and drama to really enliven the experience – thank-you!”

Paulo S.


“The day after our professional development art therapy session I encountered a young girl requiring an eczema dressing. She was hiding in the garden fearful of the dressing. I was able to negotiate dressing first and art session afterwards, which was a great success and subsequent visits included a session of making art together each visit. The dressing has become consistently easier for the child.”

Nina C. Nurse, Royal Children’s Hospital


“Loved it and Maggie the teacher is amazing. She has great communication skills, lots of useful knowledge and she is very experienced which helps a lot. Great background which adds to her personality and who she is. She is punctual, polite and very professional. Grateful to have her as a teacher.”

Sam S.

“Maggie was a great facilitator and bought a great dynamic to the group encouraging musical and voice exploration and encouraging movement and connection.”

David G.

Maggie Date Art Therapy is here to help you as an individual, as a part of a group, professional development or to know a little more about the creative arts and how they can help us navigate the self and the world we live in. If you want to know more about this kind of therapy please contact me and we can chat.



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