“As a healing tool, art therapy allows us to address distressing and confusing issues by transforming them into images, stories, gestures or sounds, which can be less confronting than talking. It helps to increase personal growth and self-awareness, while also reducing stress, tension, trauma, depression, anger, anxiety and grief.” Maggie Date

Maggie Date provides private art therapy in Melbourne’s north. While Maggie’s main focus is working with children and young people, she also has extensive experience working with adults. Art therapy requires no prior experience with art making.


Maggie uses a variety of mediums in her therapy, including paint, crayon, oil and chalk pastels, pencil, markers, collage, sculpture, clay, mask making, storytelling, writing, poetry, postcards, sound making, song, gesture and movement. It can be as simple as a scribble or a mark on a page, or a mixture of mediums.


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