Art Therapy


As a healing tool, art therapy allows us to address distressing and confusing issues by transforming them into images, story, gesture or sound. Then a new relationship with self can evolve, with the support and guidance of the therapist who has the tools to help you access, discover, connect to and express your authentic self.

Art therapy has a wide variety of approaches including; paint, crayon, oil and chalk pastels, pencil, texta, collage, sculpture, clay, mask making, storytelling, writing, poetry, postcards, sound making, song, gesture, movement, and dance.


It can be as simple as a scribble or a mark on a page or a mixture of mediums.

Art therapy is suitable for all ages and requires no prior experience with art making. It can assist with personal development and self-awareness, with the potential to address stress, tension trauma, depression, anger, anxiety, and grief.

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Work at the Clay Field®

In the Clay Field, our hands first express our old stories and then go on to rewrite them. There is no object to create, no expectation to make something just simply to follow the innate urges of the hands. The hands in clay may dig, squish, construct, destroy, push, poke, roll, smooth, or add as much or as little water as they like.

Work at the Clay Field is beneficial to recovery from trauma, anxiety, depression, abuse, grief and stress, and can also assist in balancing behavioural difficulties.

Primarily, the focus is on finding a new orientation in the relationship with oneself and the world.

Developed in Europe over the last 40 years by Professor Heinz Deuser, a German art therapist, Clay Field is recognised as a discipline in its own right, with over 500 Clay Field Therapists currently practising in kindergartens, schools, psychotherapy settings.



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