Do I have to be artistic to do art therapy?


There is no right or wrong way to be creative in art therapy.

It is not necessary to be artistic, to know how to draw or have any prior art making the experience to gain benefit from the session.

The art therapy space is a place of exploration and acceptance.


What to expect in an art therapy session?


At the beginning of the session, we will talk a bit about the issue that is causing you concern. Then using creative materials you will make art that expresses the issue/emotion/feeling or concern. In the second part of the session, we will explore the artwork.


Art making bypasses rational thinking, it taps into the inner wisdom of the body providing information that is outside our ordinary awareness. The body is active in the art-making process and assists in shifting and releasing the “stuck” while revealing new insight.

What to expect in a Clay Field session?


The session usually begins with a short settling and grounding meditation; where there will be guidance in becoming aware of your hands, as the impulses of your hands will be your internal guide in the clay field. Verbal interaction is minimal in the clay field; Maggie will accompany you with support, gentle questions and guidance where appropriate. The session concludes with a discussion about your clay experience.

There will be no clay object to take home; you are welcome to take photos of your clay field.

Come dressed in clothes that you can roll up your sleeves and let yourself get a little “clayed”.

Aprons and large shirts can be provided.​



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