We all face challenges that can overwhelm us. Maggie Date Art Therapy has a range of options aimed at helping you to get back in touch with your felt senses. Unless stated otherwise, all services are located in Reservoir.

Individual sessions

I will work with you on a one-on-one basis for as long as you need. Together we will decide on the art modality to use and that can change from visit to visit. Sessions are private and confidential. Individual sessions are available for adults, adolescents and children.


Group sessions

Group sessions provide the benefits of being in community, learning that we are not alone, that others to have issues and concerns too. As a group, we can support each other, be witness to another’s challenges and growth as they are witness to ours.  Group can be a place where we come together for a while and explore, share, create, rest, laugh, or cry if we need to. A variety of art materials and processes will support the exploration. 2hrs gives time to arrive and settle in, relax, have an art process or two and share a little.

Group session is 2hrs weekly for 8 weeks, Max 6 participants.




Workshops are a great way to immerse your self in an art-making process.


Lasting for three hours, each workshop has a particular theme and a focus on strengths and personal resources.


Professional Development


My 31 year career as a nurse spanned acute hospital settings, juvenile justice, homeless youth and hospital in the home at the Royal Children’s Hospital, (RCH) Melbourne, facilitating care for infants, children, adolescents and their families.


Add to that my expertise in and lectures on art therapy and we have a strong foundation for providing professional development to a wide range of practitioners including caseworkers, advocates, support workers, treating professionals, teachers and allied health teams.


Contact me to discuss your needs and I will tailor a professional development session(s) that allow your staff to start to incorporate some basic creativity in their work or into their personal self-care.




If you are looking for someone different for your next keynote, conference or workshop, I may be just the person you are looking for. A storyteller with performances in Jazz groups and Gospel choirs in Australia, Memphis, Chicago and New York. I can make a case for creativity in many aspects in the business world – team building, innovation, ….


Contact me to discuss your needs and I will tailor a professional and entertaining presentation for you.




Individual sessions:


The length of a typical session is 1 hour in duration- can be extended upon negotiation. All art materials are included in the cost of the session.


Private session cost @ $100.00 per hour at the Reservoir studio.

Private session cost @ your location will be negotiated.


Group Sessions:


Cost is $480.00 for 2hr sessions x 8 weeks

Concessions apply; contact me for details


Professional Development sessions and Speaker engagements are costed on a case by case basis.



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